Thursday, April 08, 2010

MapSys Philippines - Map Online Service

Philippines' first fully-automated web GIS parcellary mapping service at, has been launched. It was the project of the Chamber of Real Estate and Builders’ Associations (CREBA). Now, locating and determining the classification or attributes of a piece of land anywhere in the Philippines would not be a problem.

Rodolfo G. Valencia, author of the landmark Abot-Kaya Pabahay Fund Law and other laws related to housing and real estate, a congressman and former Mindoro Oriental governor, hailed as a revolutionary, potent tool not only for the private land sector but also for local government units (LGUs). The MapSys web service generates an accurate lot plan and information-packed vicinity map for any parcel of land in the country. The information can be downloadable via Internet.

Addressing real estate industry practitioners at the membership meeting of CREBA, Valencia said that the pioneering system used by MapSys.Ph may be adopted to help resolve, among others, decades-old contentious issues on land classification and conversion. The colourful and professionally laid-out map displays the parcel polygons plotted on a vicinity map that contains multi-layers of spatial information, such as the road networks, waterways networks, LGU-approved land use, Strategic Agriculture and Fisheries Development Zones (SAFDZ) and land cover.

The information also includes administrative boundaries from the provincial down to barangay level, elevation and slope, fault lines, banks, schools, churches, hospitals, commercial/industrial and tourist establishments, power/ water facilities and many others. Valencia said that with this information about the parcel and its vicinity, the map would serve many purposes, among them, determining the economic value of the land and its sustainability for either agricultural or non-agricultural purposes.

Valencia said that this particular issue has been a bone of contention among private land owners, LGUs and the Department of Agrarian Reform in the implementation of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Programme (CARP). The MapSys map could provide a reasonable or factual basis in helping resolve such issue.

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