Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Russian Remote Sensing Technologies at GEOFORM+ 2010

Specialists of ScanEx RDC will partake in the VII International Industrial Forum GEOFORM+ 2010 that will take place on March 30 - April 2 at the "Sokolniki" exhibition center (Moscow).

Exhibition booth №C1163 of ScanEx RDC will be open during the Forum, where anyone can learn more about Russian space technologies in remote sensing. Company specialists will tell about modern firmware complexes for Earth observation data reception, processing and archiving, about the creation of customized Internet-portals using space images, and will consult about any aspects of remote sensing data processing.

A round table called "Victory Strategy: Cooperation or Competition", will be held within the framework of the GEOFORM+ 2010 Forum organized by Yandex media company. ScanEx specialists - developers of the popular Kosmosnimki.ru resource - will speak about the development of Russian geoinformation services, available via Internet to the public at large.

Thematic events called "GeoPower" will be held within the frames of the GEOFORM+ 2010 Forum:
- Contemporary Management Conference: Situational Awareness and Neogeography;
- Round table "Geoportal and Geo-interface: Geography for the Authorities";
- Round table "Internet and Technology Innovations in Geographic Education".

During the conference "Contemporary Management: Situational Awareness and Neogeography" on March 30 ScanEx Deputy General Director Alexei Kucheiko will speak about the possibilities of Russian space technologies in remote sensing for monitoring, mitigation and response to emergencies, related to both natural and human-induced disasters. Projects of practical application of space imaging and geoportals for informational support of emergency response services' operations will also be presented.

Imaging of the Earth from space to resolve emergency monitoring, mitigation and fast response tasks has undeniable advantages over alternative methods of getting geospatial information. Large-scale natural calamities (tsunami, earthquakes, tropical cyclones, etc.) along with mass mortality bring destruction of transport and telecommunication infrastructure, paralyzing the activities of government agencies and power structures, which in most cases prevents from making adequate onsite assessments and taking timely and reasoned decisions.

During the conference "Space Monitoring Systems and Technologies of Applying Space Activities Results", to be held on April 1 at the VNIIEM (All-Russian Research Institute of Electromechanics), ScanEx General Director Vladimir Gershenzon will talk about modern ScanNet technology of multi-satellite monitoring.

Integrated application of operational data of several RS programs using ScanNet technology will allow solving a variety of emergency monitoring tasks (floods, fires, etc.) and those related to region development, town planning and construction, forest management, new project constructions (Sochi Olympics facilities, interstates, pipelines, railways, etc.), remote monitoring of navigation and ecological maritime situations at the seas of Russia.

- ScanNet technology is a fundamentally new level of solutions for creation and introduction of information services into practice using a geospatial data complex, including satellite imagery data, - says Vladimir Gershenzon.


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