Friday, March 12, 2010

Planning Map Plus - New Planning Map Service

Getmapping has launched a new online Planning Maps service. For the thousands of architects and individuals who have to submit site location plans to comply with local authority planning regulations this is an affordable and simple to use service that removes much of the pain otherwise involved. An enhanced ‘Planning Maps Plus’ service also offers the ability to annotate and mark up plans.

To obtain an Ordnance Survey site plan with optional aerial photography a new user simply has to register and login. A registered user can choose from ‘Planning Maps’ or ‘Planning Maps Plus’. Simple Postcode location centres the map display on the property or area being searched for. Three different scales are available, 1:500, 1:1250 and 1:2500. The plans can be centred as required with the option of placing a location marker. Once selected the user proceeds to the checkout. Plans and aerial imagery can either be ordered for delivery by post or sent immediately as PDF files via email.

The enhanced ‘Planning Maps Plus’ option enables the user to annotate the plan using the online tools. Along with familiar pan and zoom there are additional tools to centre the map, draw areas, lines and edges. Existing map outlines such as building and plot extents and user created areas, lines and edges can be coloured and infilled. Full online help makes producing professional results a simple task.

Every planning application needs a plan showing the location and boundaries of the site you are planning to work on but getting hold of precisely located maps is now more straightforward than ever. By adding aerial photography applicants can provide a better and more convenient context for planning officers to work with. The new mark up tools available with Planning Maps Plus enable applicants to produce a really professional job. The application is also available for Local Authorities to embed within the planning pages of their own websites, enabling them to benefit from a share of the income.

More of the product here.


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