Wednesday, March 03, 2010

ERDAS Announces TAHAL as New Distributor

ERDAS Inc. announces that TAHAL Consulting Engineers Ltd. is now the official ERDAS distributor to customers in Israel. TAHAL has its Israel headquarters in Tel Aviv.

TAHAL has accompanied Israel's economic development since the 1950s, addressing the lack of water by playing a key role in the legendary blooming of the country's desert. TAHAL is Israel's largest engineering firm, with an emphasis on GIS and image processing.

“TAHAL is excited to enrich its capabilities and offerings to the GIS market by introducing the ERDAS line of products. We believe that our reputation and position in the Israeli market (government and municipalities) will enable us to promote ERDAS products in Israel, and through our international projects,” said Dr. Dan Hamberg, VP Head of Engineering Division and Israel Activity, TAHAL Consulting Engineers.

As the sole distributor in Israel, TAHAL will promote ERDAS technologies to customers throughout the country, providing sales, technical support and services.

“We are excited to have TAHAL as our distributor in Israel,” said Dr. Thomas Bayer, Vice President EMEA, ERDAS. “TAHAL brings experience and innovation to ERDAS users in this part of the world, ensuring the most comprehensive support of our products and services.”

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