Thursday, March 18, 2010

2010 CISME - International Survey and Mapping Exhibition

The 2010 CISME exhibition, including three GNSS-related symposia, will be held at the Shanghai EverBright Convention Centre from 8 April – 10 April, 2010. "Digital China Based on Innovation" is the theme of the 2010 China (Shanghai) International Mapping and Surveying Equipment exhibition.

The three symposia covering GPS, GIS and remote sensing technologies, are:
- 2010 National Survey Technology,
- 2010 Shanghai Remote Sensing Technology,
- 2010 Shanghai Geophysics.

Driven by technological developments and China's major investment in infrastructure development, conference organisers expect that the total output value of China's geomatics industry will be CNY 100 billion in 2010, and related industries to go over CNY 500 billion.

The events are approved by the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai and the Shanghai Administrative Office of Survey and Drawing. They are sponsored by the Shanghai Society of Infrared and Remote Sensing, Shanghai Geophysical Society and Shanghai Technology Transfer and Exchange.

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