Thursday, February 18, 2010

NavMate 5 Navigation Software - Now Available

Horizon Navigation announced the availability of NavMate 5 navigation software.

NavMate 5’s advanced map rendering engine displays detailed 3D building models with rapid zoom and map scrolling. A re-designed search engine finds places based on any word in the name and allows the user to enter the street, city, or post code first.

NavMate 5’s positioning engine has been updated with support for tunnel guidance. A multi-sensor option is also available for reliable positioning when GPS is obscured. NavMate 5 can be licensed for personal, in-car, and mobile phone navigation. Per copy, expiry, and advertising supported licensing options are available.

John Angerman, Horizon’s VP of Business Development, commented, “Our tests show that NavMate 5 requires 25% fewer key presses to enter typical destinations than the top selling personal navigation systems.”


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