Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Leica Geosystems and MicroSurvey Extend Software Partnership

Leica Geosystems HDS and INOVx announced a partnership to jointly develop advanced software for converting laser scan data into intelligent plant models at the SPAR 2010 conference and at the ARC World Industry Forum. Integrated products will be based on Leica Cyclone software and INOVx RealityLINx software. Availability of first integrated products is planned for the second quarter 2010.

As the use of 3D laser scanning to capture as-built geometry of plants has rapidly grown, industry is increasingly taking advantage of intelligent 3D models based on this data for better plant Operations & Maintenance and better Design & Construction. This has, in turn, led to increased demand for (1) more accurate intelligent models, (2) more office-efficient software for creating these models and (3) open solutions that can be deployed regardless of the specific type of laser scanner used or plant design software involved. By improving the process for converting point cloud data into intelligent objects, the partnership will create new, interoperable software solutions optimised to meet this increasing demand and accelerate adoption.

Joint development will leverage each vendor’s complementary strengths. From Leica Geosystems strengths, integrated solutions will reflect fast, highly accurate geometric modelling of as-built laser scan data using advanced, geometric modelling algorithms and the powerful point cloud engine (pcE) in Leica Cyclone software. In addition, solutions will reflect Cyclone’s multi-vendor support of scan data formats, including native formats.

Efficient, accurate attachment of intelligence to the geometric model will take advantage of INOVx’ rich plant design catalogue links and the friendly user interface of INOVx’ RealityLINx software. Users will further benefit from INOVx’ strength in seamless, open systems data exchange of the resulting models with all major plant design systems.

Juergen Dold, President, Leica Geosystems Geospatial Solutions Division, said, “We see continued strong demand for our CAD plug-in solutions and our standalone plant modelling solutions. INOVx is a great partner for making plant models intelligent for Operations & Maintenance with seamless exchange to plant design software. Our integrated solutions will provide significant accuracy, efficiency and open systems benefits.”

Costantino Lanza, CEO of INOVx, said, “Partnering with Leica Geosystems is a great fit for expanding and enhancing our software product offerings and our reach into the global market. Further improvements to the creation of intelligent models from as-built geometry based on laser scanning will support our Asset Virtualisation solutions by sustaining virtual models that accurately reflect plant changes and thus maximise value to our customers.”

Recently, Leica Geosystems and MicroSurvey Software also announced plans at SPAR 2010 for Leica Geosystems to resell MicroSurvey’s new PointCloud CAD mapping software on a global basis.

The new PointCloud CAD software was developed by MicroSurvey using Leica Geosystems’ point cloud engine (pcE) technology to efficiently manage large laser scan data sets from any scanner or aerial Lidar as users process point cloud data into mapping elements in the software’s final deliverables. The product is planned to be available from Leica Geosystems Feb. 15, 2010.


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