Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Indoor Mobile Mapping Solution for Capturing Interior Spaces in 2D and 3D Visualization Models

Trimble introduced an indoor mobile mapping solution for facilities management at SPAR 2010 Conference on 3D Imaging and Positioning. Using innovative technologies, this solution produces fast and accurate maps allowing users to translate their environments directly into 2D and 3D models of structured interiors. The solution enables building owners, facilities managers, engineers and construction professionals to more efficiently plan and manage building assets and properties.

Currently, mapping an indoor space can be time consuming. A tripod, laser and camera are set up to capture measurements and images at various locations. The equipment is then moved and set up multiple times until all perspectives of a room are captured. With the new Trimble solution, a simple walk-through of an interior space allows for 360 degree indoor coverage. Geo-referenced spatial data is captured accurately and quickly as the mobile system moves through the building at walking speed. The solution integrates active and passive sensors with an intuitive user workflow to enable true indoor GIS capability. Maps and models, covering thousands of square feet of indoor space, can be created in minutes and entire buildings can typically be completed in a day.

The Trimble indoor mobile mapping solution provides:
- High-accuracy 2D and 3D maps of interior spaces
- Reduced mapping time and associated cost
- Visual models to optimise the management of building resources
- Situational awareness through complete interior space mapping for build security and special event planners
- Quick and accurate map production through complete work flow and data processing

Peter Canter, director of Advanced Mapping Systems at Trimble's Applanix subsidiary, said, "The Trimble indoor mapping capability has been rigorously demonstrated in a variety of interior spaces, including apartment buildings, subways and shopping malls. In all of these environments, the system delivered exceptional results, both in accuracy and in ease-of-use. Equally as important is the integration with existing software and workflows."


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