Thursday, January 07, 2010

SuperGIS DataConvertor 3, SuperGIS DataManager 3 - Released

SuperGeo Technologies today officially announces the release of SuperGIS DataConvertor 3 and SuperGIS DataManager 3. SuperGIS DataManager 3, SuperGIS DataConvertor 3, and SuperGIS DataRectifier 3 are the applications of SuperGIS 3 series products.

SuperGIS DataManager 3 is a set of data management tool. SuperGIS DataManager 3 supports common vector formats and raster formats, such as GEO, SHP, DXF, DWG, DGN, ECW, SID, TIF, JPEG, etc. Users are allowed to copy, move, delete, etc the physical files of the data. Moreover, SuperGIS DataManager 3 supports users to search with conditions to help users find the needed data rapidly.

In addition to the functions described above, SuperGIS DataManager 3 supports to create and edit the metadata of the layers, including hundreds of fields for definitions, like publisher, publish organization, modification date, etc. Users can not only create the contents of the data but also use the contents as the query conditions. SuperGIS DataManager 3 supports the international standard—FGDC formats.

SuperGIS DataConvertor 3 is the data conversion tool. With SuperGIS DataConvertor 3, users can convert the common vector formats and image formats to the SuperGeo self-defined formats and even convert batch files. Therefore, not only the time for converting files can be reduced but also the file compatibility between SuperGIS series products and other software platforms can be enhanced. Additionally, SuperGIS DataConvertor 3 integrates the NRT Data Converter tool of SuperGIS 2 series. Thus, users will be able to apply SuperGIS DataConvertor 3 to convert NRT files to prepare for the route analysis.

Besides file format conversion, SuperGIS DataConvertor 3 can also facilitate users to convert the spatial reference of the layer files. Therefore, when users are converting the file formats, the spatial reference can be converted simultaneously as well to improve the efficiency.

Now you can try the latest and most powerful SuperGIS DataManager 3 and SuperGIS DataConvertor 3 by visiting Download in


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