Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sokkia new GRX1 GNSS system

Sokkia introduced the new GRX1 GNSS system. However, this new system will be available in early 2010. It includes a new SHC250 data collector, a new controller and post-processing software. Denny Welch, senior vice president and general manager, Survey Business Unit, said, “These new products further strengthen the entire Sokkia product line-up.”

He said that the new GRX1 GNSS receiver has an integrated antenna, digital UHF radio, GSM module, Bluetooth module and detachable battery in a compact, rugged, magnesium-alloy body. Its fully upgradeable features allow users to start with an entry model for L1 GPS that can be upgraded to L1 GPS+GLONASS, to L1/L2 GPS, up to 72-channel L1/L2 GPS+GLONASS receiver.

He added that the new SHC250 data collector incorporates the latest Windows Mobile 6.5 OS, built-in Bluetooth modem and the new spectrum survey field software that fully controls the GRX1 receiver with unsurpassed ease and speed.

“This new GNSS system provides versatility and usability in RTK, network RTK and static applications that require millimetre or centimetre positioning accuracy,” he said.


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