Monday, January 25, 2010

LandSIM3D - 3D simulation and visualization software

Bionatics released the version 2.0 of LandSIM3D, its 3D simulation and visualization software dedicated to territory planning and landscape preservation. This version 2 offers a great list of new features to answer the growing needs of city planning and landscape design professionals looking for powerful simulation and decision making tools able to guaranty a sustainable development of the territory.

St├ęphane Gourgout, VP Sales Director of Bionatics, said, “This new version 2 is an important step in the development of LandSIM3D since it was mainly built from the comments and the suggestions of our clients. It improves the fast modelling and visualization of large cities or heavily urbanised areas containing a lot of 3D buildings and their evolution across the time.”

The version 2.0 facilitates the real-time loading and display of complete cities or larges territories made of thousands of buildings and stored in common 3D formats such as 3Ds or Google SketchUp. LandSIM3D v2.0 will stream the 3D models on the fly and display them in the 3D view near by the camera in addition to the full procedural display of the rest of the city. Such technology allows a very realistic visualisation of the city while maintaining the interactivity in the display of the scene. The time simulation features have also been extended to all the data used to build a scene (objects, elevation, aerial imagery, vector maps, biotopes ….) in order to simulate and the visualise all the characteristics of evolution of a city, a territory or a complex project thanks to the timeline.

Other expected functionalities in this new version:
- Import / Export with the Google SketchUp format,
- Automatic generation and mapping of the roof textures from the aerial imagery,
- New procedural roof model with 2 slopes and editable orientation,
- Easy comparison of project alternatives in the 3D view,
- Interactive visualization of a territory or a project at different period of time,
- Acceleration of data processing during the importation phases,
- New LandSIM3D viewer allowing the interactive comparison of project’s alternatives,
- All simulation features are now accessible from the LandSIM3D viewer,
- Control of the display distance of the aerial imagery according to ground type,
- Multiple selection and edition of vector and object properties,
- New procedural buildings,
- Shadow simulation ... etc


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