Thursday, January 28, 2010

Geograph VA - The GIS for iPhone

Integrity Logic released Geograph VA, the latest version of the popular GIS for the iPhone/iPod platform, covering the commonwealth of Virginia. This release features over 45 layers of geographic data which can be combined and merged. It is a self-contained application which does not require any Internet access.

Max Tardiveau, founder of Integrity Logic, said, "This is our best release so far and we really look forward to hearing about all the different things people will do with it." Like its 19 sister applications already covering 22 states, Geograph VA contains a wide array of data layers: - geological map from the U.S. Geological Service - public land ownership (local, state, federal) - states outlines - land elevation from NASA - ocean bathymetry - old faults - over 5,800 named features (summits, tunnels, cliffs, bridges, etc...) with link to USGS web site for each feature.

This release introduces a number of additional layers which can be downloaded from the application: - state assembly districts with link to the representatives' web sites - state senate districts with link to the senators' web sites - school districts - cities and villages with link to Census Bureau's statistics - town and city limits - landmark points and areas - airports with link to FFA web site for each airport - over 20,000 geodetic points - public and private golf courses.

Check it out here.


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