Monday, January 25, 2010

Free RapidEye satellite images in Haiti

RapidEye has completed imaging of all of the regions in Haiti that have been most affected by the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that hit the area on January 12. Now, RapidEye is concentrating on delivering these and future images of Haiti at no cost to governmental and non governmental organizations and institutions to fasten the relief work. The company has requested that organizations associated with emergency services in Haiti can contact for the latest free satellite Images.

Despite the unfavourable weather in this area, RapidEye managed to image more than 80 percent of this large area between January 13 and 17, 2010 from an orbit of 630 km. The images clearly show the extensive damage to the region around the epicentre of the earthquake at 18°27'05''N / 72°26'40''W.

RapidEye has also made these images available for editorial use at their website They may be published for editorial use only, in hard copy, electronic or in broadcast format, provided that credit is provided to “RapidEye” on all such products.

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