Thursday, January 28, 2010

Free ASPRS Journal Now Available

Starting with the January 2010 issue of the ASPRS journal, Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing (PE&RS), ASPRS members will have access to the full digital version of the journal online at This digital edition is complete with peer-reviewed articles, just as they appear in the printed version.

Members of ASPRS have exclusive assess to the peer-reviewed articles for 24 months from publication. After that, all articles will be available on the public side of the website. Members will have to log into the ASPRS website with their log in and password to see the complete digital version.

The enhanced version of PE&RS contains hot links for all ASPRS Sustaining Member Companies, as well as hot links on advertisements, ASPRS Who’s Who, and internet references.

A public version of the issue also is available on the ASPRS website, but it does not contain the complete peer-reviewed articles. To view the complete peer-reviewed articles, individuals may sign up for membership.

ASPRS will continue to publish and mail the paper version of the journal to all members for the foreseeable future.


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