Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ERDAS ADE 2010 Released

ERDAS released ERDAS ADE 2010. It is an integrated suite of products for real-time editing of spatial and business data via the web, desktop or mobile device. Integrated with the Oracle technology stack, this suite of products includes ERDAS ADE Remote, ERDAS ADE Mobile and ERDAS ADE Enterprise.

“ERDAS ADE is an enterprise-enabled solution providing geospatial access and accurate data capture in a web, desktop or mobile application,” said Mladen Stojic, Senior Vice President, Product Management and Marketing, ERDAS. “With an improved workflow, ERDAS ADE 2010 efficiently handles data and gives users control of database updates,” continued Stojic.

ERDAS ADE Remote provides rich, secure and flexible spatial and operational management for field force operations that require the capture and maintenance of location and business data. Users can manage data locally (files on disk), connect directly to Oracle, or connect to ERDAS ADE Enterprise.

Providing connected and disconnected users with a common software platform, ERDAS ADE Mobile offers versatility and flexibility for data collection and validation requirements. ERDAS ADE Mobile is a powerful spatial editor for any Windows Mobile GPS or hand-held device.

ERDAS ADE Enterprise provides the ability to scale in a web based environment as well as real-time spatial data editing. Leveraging the complete Oracle technology stack, ERDAS ADE Enterprise supports editing of all Oracle data types, including spatial, topology features, topology primitives and attribute data.

In ERDAS ADE 2010, there is now WMS (Web Mapping Service) support, as well as new viewer manipulation tools to swipe all rasters or vectors in the view to see underlying data. The offline file storage system has been improved to allow more data to be taken into the field. Support for targeted updates and improved conflict resolution tools give users greater control, should problems arise from multiple users editing the same data. This release also introduces a new implementation of the ERDAS ADE Mobile product with better memory management, performance, user experience and the ability to edit Shapefiles.

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