Thursday, January 14, 2010

Digimapas Chile - Forest Arauco Project

In October 2009 the biggest project finished in Chile worldwide of airbone of high resolution with sensor LIDAR and digital camera. Forest Arauco S.A. contracted Digimapas Chile for the mapping of this project that began together with the beginning of his operations in December, 2005. The Dr. Lothar Markus Rombach (general Manager of the company, Dr. in Geography of the University of Munich), was selected due to his experience in Remote Sensors, for treating itself about an eminence in the area and being a part of a select elite of investigation in the topic.

Due to the complexity of the project of 7.5 million hectares, Digimapas Chile elaborated the preparations necessary for the raising point of control in area, including the installation of more than 60 monoliths. During this period, DMCL realized also all the logistics of transport, plans of flight and facilities of his head office in Santiago of Chile for his DataCenter (processing and store of information).

The products there include Digital Models of Area, Digital Models of Surface, Images of Intensity Lidar (Infrared assets), real orthoimage VIS (RGB) and (infrared) CIR. For having been pioneering in this technology in the country, Digimapas Chile possesses personnel highly qualified and qualified directly, for the suppliers of each one of the components of his system and across the permanent production supervised of products of high resolution and high precision.

Digimapas Chile receives permanent support of TopoSys Germany and Applanix of Canada, both, members of the group Trimble Corporation. The nearby relation between these companies and the equipment of Digimapas Chile leads to an almost exclusive support of the service, which has given to our projects an excellent support with special attention to any of our requirements. This conduct also her has the supplier of the module of the navigation of the flight TrackAir, who is available 24h for Digimapas Chile.

The relation with Forest Arauco S.A. has fortified during this time of work (4 years). An example of this becomes present in that Forest Arauco S.A. together with Digimapas Chile and CONAF there take part in an international project of investigation of the institute of investigation North American, Whood Hole Research Center, who is financed by the NASA.

As DIGIMAPAS Chile owns all these data, it can deliver these products at reduced time and at reasonable cost to any interested For more information visit the webpage.


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