Thursday, December 10, 2009

WebEOC Mapper Professional 2.1, released

ESi and 3-GIS have released WebEOC Mapper Professional 2.1 - the first product from their new joint venture company, Tucuxi ("Too-Koo-Shi"). With the new WebEOC Mapper Professional Version 2.1, decision makers at emergency operations centres can create a dynamic, geographically-based common operating picture without the need for specialised GIS or mapping experience.

This generation of Mapper is the only visualisation application with full two-way interaction with WebEOC software. Mapping and location functions are already built into the WebEOC core Board Builder tools - so with Mapper Professional 2.1 emergency managers can easily create WebEOC boards that automatically generate maps of captured information.

The new version 2.1 includes various ergonomically developed features: driving directions around roadblocks, live fire locations (from MODIS satellites), role-based security and audit logs, real-time GeoRSS data feeds (such as live earthquake feeds) and many more.

As the only mapping software specifically designed to work with WebEOC, Mapper 2.1 is supported by 24-hour ESi and Tucuxi customer service.


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