Monday, December 28, 2009

SuperGeo Releases SuperPad 3

SuperGeo Technologies officially announces the release of the whole new full-functioned mobile GIS software—SuperPad 3 today. SuperPad 3 consists of SuperPad software and SuperPad Studio (SuperPad customization tool) as well. Therefore, you no longer need to purchase the customization software, and you are allowed to customize the solutions according to the company’s needs or personal needs.

The powerful drawing, displaying, and processing capabilities of SuperPad 3 greatly improves the difficulties of processing with quantities of data and shortens the waiting time. As a result, you are able to get the best processing results in the shortest time to raise the working efficiency of field survey.
The whole new user interface of SuperPad 3 enables you to switch toolbar buttons easily in the limited screen; to switch the toolbar position; to add the buttons you use frequently to my favorites to switch the toolbar buttons more conveniently. Consequently, the human design of user interface can reduce the burden of manipulation and help you use the software more easily.

SuperPad 3 supports the interoperability between SuperGIS Server and SuperGIS Image Server. With connecting to SuperGIS Server, you can display and query the data online; or you can download large quantities of image data from SuperGIS Image Server to be background display. Therefore, you do not need to bring great volume of data in the field; instead, you only need to connect to the Internet to get the data to raise the productivity.

SuperPad Studio is the brand new SuperPad customization software. Compared with SuperPad Builder, the new visualized user interface of SuperPad Studio and the WYSIWYG manipulation allow you to view the result shown while running the project to reduce the time of repeatedly modification. SuperPad Studio completely uses the object library of SuperGIS Mobile Engine so that developers can apply the GIS objects conveniently to design the powerful functions. Moreover, the easy, convenient, and intuitive developing process facilitates developers to produce more essential codes so that even programming beginners can customize SuperPad easily and produce the solution completely fitting the needs.

The whole new user interface of SuperPad 3 provides you with a simpler and more convenient manipulation environment.


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