Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New GIS application for emergency response

SuperGeo has developed a digital map platform for emergency response. Taiwan Power Company and the Atomic Energy Council, under the Executive Yuan of Taiwan Government are looking to integrate different data, such as census and nuclear plant locations, into the GIS platform for display, browse and analysis. The developed system will be used during emergencies.

This system intends to create a reference for relevant units and decision-makers to have a basis for their decisions. Using SuperGIS Desktop as the fundamental platform for updating and displaying data, the system includes village census, the location of nuclear plants, the location of radiation hospitals and the amount of iodine tablets that they store. The system allows relevant units and decision-makers to easily and rapidly import real-time data for the system to automatically determine the emergency response that should be taken by each village.

Therefore, the time for calculation and updating data can be reduced and emergency response decisions can be made faster. This shall reduce the overall injuries, deaths and property losses. The evacuation information shown dynamically can also allow decision-makers to quickly find out the gathering points and evacuation routes available at each village, allowing them to quickly make decisions and publish their evacuation decisions for the general public.


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