Friday, December 18, 2009

Latest WorldView-2 Images Coming in January 2010

DigitalGlobe announced that the latest high-resolution satellite, WorldView-2, is expected to achieve full operational capability on January 4, 2010. The satellite is expected to complete its commissioning process by January 4, enabling DigitalGlobe to begin taking orders today for WorldView-2 imagery from its global resellers, partners and customers.

Jill Smith, Chairman and CEO of DigitalGlobe said, “Timeliness is becoming important to our customers. The combination of WorldView-2’s collection capacity and daily revisit capabilities, coupled with the ready availability of the current and complete coverage of the globe provided by our ImageLibrary, enables DigitalGlobe to deliver imagery faster to our customers. In addition, WorldView-2’s eight-band multispectral capabilities will offer industry-leading image quality providing for new and enhanced applications and services such as feature identification and change detection.”

WorldView-2 joins DigitalGlobe’s existing sub-meter satellites on orbit, QuickBird and WorldView-1, to enable an annual imaging capacity equivalent to three times the earth’s land mass. WorldView-2 collects multispectral imagery at 1.8 meter resolution and panchromatic imagery at 0.46 meters. The additional multispectral band capability provides more spectral information, supporting improved levels of analysis. In addition, WorldView-2 is capable of direct tasking and direct downlink to support broader base of customers demanding rapid dissemination of satellite imagery.

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