Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Geograph WI - GIS for the iPhone / iPod

Integrity Logic released Geograph WI. It is the latest version of the GIS for the iPhone/iPod platform, covering the state of Wisconsin. This release features over 40 layers of geographic data which can be combined and merged in any desired way. “The scope of this application is extending with each release,” said Max Tardiveau, founder of Integrity Logic.

Like its fifteen sister applications already covering eighteen states, Geograph WI contains a wide array of data layers which can be combined and moved in any desired way: geological map from the U.S. Geological Service, land elevation from NASA, hydrologic units, congressional districts, over 6,000 mineral resource data points and so on.

This release introduces a number of additional layers, which can be downloaded from the application: state assembly districts with link to the representatives’ web sites, 12,000 geodetic points with link to National Geodetic Survey details, cities and villages with link to Census Bureau’s statistics, dams and many more.

Geograph WI is a completely self-contained application. It does not require any Internet access. This is critical for anyone who needs access to this information when out of cellular range, in the field.
Geograph WI can use the iPhone’s built-in GPS and the iPod’s location service, and can also capture high-definitions maps, which can be retrieved from the device’s photo album.


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