Monday, December 21, 2009

ESRI and Trimble: 2009 Mobile Government Grant Series

ESRI and Trimble announced call for demonstration projects for mobile government initiatives. Twenty state or local governments will receive software, hardware and training to develop mobile government application templates introduction.

This 2009 Mobile Government Grant Series consists of two separate programmes, Mobile Standard and Mobile Advanced, which will award hardware, software, and training totalling a value of $89,980 to a total of 20 state and local government agencies. Ultimate goal of the programme is to foster innovative approaches to solving government problems through the combined use of GIS, GPS, wireless, and server technology.

ESRI and Trimble recognise that the leading thinkers and innovators of technology within government should be presented with opportunities to move their projects forward while sharing those efforts with their peers using a best practices approach. They support and encourage the spirit of public-private collaboration and call for demonstration projects from governments in all disciplines within the United States wishing to establish an integrated server and mobile GIS solution.

Applicants must thoroughly communicate an understanding of the technologies they intend to leverage and what it will take to implement them. Eligible applicants must have the capacity for GIS in their organisation. The programme is not designed to initiate a GIS programme but rather to enhance an existing programme. To view a full version of the disclaimer, visit the ArcScripts Web site.

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