Monday, November 09, 2009

Free GIS Data Online

Superior and Douglas County made its geographic information system data available online at

The information available through GIS includes a variety of data not available on a typical map. While the city’s information is readily available, the county is still working to put a policy in place that will make the information readily available to the public. However, both provide a wealth of information such as county forest lands, recreation areas, political boundaries, wetland and soil inventories, parcel ownership and value information, survey records where available and zoning information.

By making that information available to public online, the city and county benefit on a variety of levels, whether it’s correcting data, or protecting historic survey records that have been scanned to make them easily available. Large format scanning equipment allowed the county to make 100-year-old maps readily available through 21st Century technology, protecting the aging maps.

However, all the information comes with disclaimers because not all the information available is survey grade and boundaries could be off slightly.


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