Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2009 AGU Fall Meeting Newsletter

The 2009 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco is the best opportunity for AGU members to gather together and present research, review findings and engage with colleagues on the latest issues affecting the Earth, the planets and their environments in space. The robust program covers all areas of Earth and space science. Renowned for its scenic beauty, cultural attractions, diverse communities and world-class cuisine, San Francisco is an ideal meeting location.

Create Your Itinerary
Use the convenient Fall Meeting and Itinerary Planner to browse by day and section, or search by titles, author or keyword. Whether you're a seasoned Fall Meeting attendee or a first timer, your meeting experience will be enriched by planning ahead and reviewing the extensive array of scientific programming before arriving. Please note: Using the online planner saves paper! AGU will not offer a printed program at this meeting.

Plan to Attend AGU's Open Member Meeting
Sunday, December 13th

A Time of Transition: Member Open Forum about AGU's Plans for the Future
Sunday, 1615h-1730h, Moscone West, Rooms 2020-2024.

Now that you've voted on the proposed governance changes, you'll want to be sure and attend this important meeting to learn more about the new and exciting plans to enhance member involvement. The Open Forum meeting will be followed by the Icebreaker, open to all meeting attendees and a great opportunity to connect with fellow members and colleagues:

* Icebreaker: 1730h-1900h, Moscone West

AGU 2009 Meeting Highlights: Lectures, Webcasts and Town Halls

* Lectures: There are 15 named lectures scheduled during the 2009 Fall Meeting. A description of each lecture and a schedule can be found here.

* Webcasts: Most Section and Focus Group Named Lectures will be webcast for viewing following the meeting.

* Town Halls: 24 Town Hall Meetings will be conducted during the 2009 Fall Meeting beginning on Monday, 14 December through Thursday, 17 December. Please check meeting times and topics.

Social Events

Five ticketed social events, two luncheons and three dinners, will be held during the meeting. Please purchase tickets prior to the meeting. Every meeting attendee is encouraged to attend the Honors Ceremony which will be held on 16 December at 18:30 -19:45h in rooms 306 - 308, Moscone South.

Workshops: Learn how to promote your work and spread news about science

Are you a scientist who wants to learn more about how to explain your research to journalists, politicians, and the general public? Or, a middle-school or secondary school teacher who wants to discover the latest research on Earth and space sciences? If so, come to one of the several workshops organized by AGU's Strategic Communications and Outreach Department:

* Communicating with Congress Workshop

* Learn How to be a Congressional Science Fellow or Mass Media Fellow Luncheon

* Geophysical Information for Teachers (GIFT) Workshop

* Science Communication Workshops for Scientists

* Preparing for Tenure Workshop


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