Monday, October 26, 2009

TatukGIS Developer Kernel version 9.0, released

TatukGIS has released the 9.0 upgrade of its GIS Developer Kernel product as managed .NET and native VCL editions. The TatukGIS Developer Kernel is a comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) for the custom development of stand-alone, embeddable, and client-server GIS applications using object-oriented languages.

The 9.0 version introduces important new features including:

• Advanced support for coordinate systems/projections reflecting EPSG codes and OpenGIS WKT definitions, with almost 3,000 predefined coordinate systems (including all U.S. State Planes) and user-defined coordinate systems.
• On-the-fly reprojection of image, grid, and vector map layers for display of map layers from different coordinate system on a single map.
• Automatic coordinate system recognition with most layer types.
• Image, grid, and vector map rotation.
• Support for additional vector/raster map formats: TAB/MAP, DWG2000, S-57, JSON, WMS, WFS, LandXML, OpenStreetMap, GSHHS, FME, GDL/OGR, Surfer Binary Grid.
• Support for additional spatial database map layer formats: Microsoft SQL Spatial Server, PostGIS, MapInfo SpatialWare, Oracle GeoRaster, ArcSDE Raster.
• Support for user-defined layers to read/write data from almost any source.
• Editing/storage of 3D shapes (Z & M values).
• Grid data export.
• Antialiased output for enhanced map rendering quality.
• HTML style rendering of labels.
• Unicode support.
• Hierarchical layers, layer grouping, sub-layers, sub-projects.
• Support for Delphi and C++Builder versions 2009/2010
• Support for touch screen interface with Delphi/C++Builder 2010

For a full product description and specifications, refer to the Developer Kernel product page on the TatukGIS web site.


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