Monday, October 19, 2009

Melbourne: 3D City Models

MELBOURNE'S bustling heart has been recreated in 3D for the city's sat-nav loving motorists.

Developed using aerial photography and state of the art digital mapping techniques, the ultra realistic 3D representation of the CBD is the most advanced recreation of the city's core yet.

Dubbed 3D City Models, the software will bring Melbourne's streets to life for drivers relying on sat-nav technology.

Sensis digital mapping subsidiary Whereis, will launch the feature on Monday.

Whereis spokesman Adrian Trout said the maps would be fully rendered and textured, allowing drivers to easily orient themselves to their surroundings and increase their situational awareness on busy CBD streets.

"Whilst providing extremely accurate and up-to-date basic road information remains our highest priority, the addition of 3D City models allows drivers to gain a sense of `realism' when navigating in dense urban areas," said Tout.

"This coupled with our photo realistic Junction Views takes the navigation experience to a new level and is an early sign of things to come."


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