Sunday, October 04, 2009

Hyperion Tools for ENVI Software

Got a Hyperion image you want to view on ENVI program? I haven't used any Hyperion image before with ENVI. When I happen to download one, I had a problem viewing or opening using the software ENVI. ENVI could not read the file, it just says with an error window.

But there are always tools and some get-around to display or load the Hyperion image. The ITT Visual Information Solutions Code Contribution Library has links to the Hyperion Tools that you can download for free and use.

The Hyperion Tools plugin is designed to facilitate the use of Hyperion data in ENVI. Its most basic functionality is to convert Level 1R HDF and Level 1G/1T HDF and GeoTIFF datasets into ENVI format files that contain wavelength, full width half maximum, and bad band information. Also included are options specific to each input dataset format that further aid in using Hyperion data within ENVI.

To install the Hyperion import program simply download the file and move it to the "save_add" subfolder of the ENVI installation:

ENVI 4.3 and older:
- Windows : C:\RSI\IDL##\products\envi##\save_add\
- Mac OS X : /Applications/rsi/idl_#.#/products/envi_#.#/save_add/
- UNIX/Linux : /usr/local/rsi/idl_#.#/products/envi_#.#/save_add/

ENVI 4.4 and newer:
- Windows : C:\Program Files\ITT\IDL##\products\envi##\save_add\
- Mac OS X : /Applications/itt/idl##/products/envi##/save_add/
- UNIX/Linux : /usr/local/itt/idl##/products/envi##/save_add/

Once this is accomplished, restart ENVI and a new menu item will be added to the software: File > Open External File > EO-1 > Hyperion. This user function provides a custom input utility for Hyperion Level 1 data. The user function will automatically convert the data from HDF to ENVI Standard format, define wavelength / FWHM / bad bands list metadata, and provide an option to repair areas of bad data using an interpolation technique. As a byproduct of the data input process, this user function also outputs an ASCII text file that contains the appropriate scale factors for input into the FLAASH atmospheric correction module.

Find the free download file here.


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