Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gujarat Ecology Commission: GIS-based website

An apex body working under the Forest and Environment Department, Government of Gujarat, the Gujarat Ecology Commission (GEC) launched its GIS website. The commission's website is the first in the state of Gujarat to be developed based on GIS.

"It is for the first time in the state that a website has been developed based on GIS. The website will be offering database on environmental conditions in the state of Gujarat. While currently the information dates back to 2004, we are in the process of updating it continually", said SK Nanda, principal secretary, forest and environment.

The commission is engaged in various environmental conservation programmes along with strengthen of village level organisations. Nanda added that in order to create environmental data base commission had developed more than 300 GIS based maps on various parameters of environment along with more than 2000 tables.

The main features of the website include, up to date information on mangrove plantations and mangrove cover in Gujarat, and information on integrated coastal zone management programme funded by World Bank and to be implemented by commission, among other things.

Moreover, under its Environmental Information System (ENVIS) project, information on various environmental factors such as land, water, forests, agriculture, animal husbandry, health mines and mineral, coastal environment and energy has been uploaded.


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