Thursday, October 29, 2009

Download Free, Open-Source Geopublisher

What is Geopublisher?

Geopublisher is an atlas authoring system which allows easy publication of geo-data, documents, images, videos, and statistics in form of digital multimedia atlases. These atlases can be understood as minimal, pre-configured end-user GIS which offer selected functionality only where its meaningful.

Geopublisher provides tools for quality assurance and multilingual meta-data management. No in-depth knowledge of HTML, SLD or XML is required to create an atlas. Atlases can be directly published on CD, DVD, memory stick, external hard-drive or the Internet. The software is platform-independent and Open-Source.
Features as a glance: software has some unique features which make it especially applicable in the fields of international research, participatory GIS, capacity building, and development cooperation. These features include:

* Atlases created with Geopublisher are simplified end-user GIS with selected functionality available only where it's meaningful.

* Hybrid online and offline atlases make geo-data accessible in areas beyond the digital divide.

* Multilingual management of meta-data avoids redundancies and allows for the quick release of updated atlases.

* Integrated WYSIWYG editors for SLD and HTML allow geopublishing without knowledge of SLD, XML or HTML.

* All software is Free and Open-Source Software compliant with OGC standards.

* Geopublisher + QuantumGIS + OpenOffice provide a free Open-Source Geopublishing desktop.

The software is OpenSouce and can be downloaded free: Geopublisher and AtlasStyler development version, download ZIP file (67.43 Mb)


1. You need at least a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 6.

2. Uncompress the ZIP file. In Windows we recommend the folder C:\Programme, using Linux it could be /home/user/bin. The ZIP file contains a subfolder called Geopublishing.

3. Open the Geopublishing-folder and double-click start_AtlasStyler.bat or start_Geopublisher.bat. For Linux there are corresponding and scripts.

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  1. There exists another way to start Geopublisher: via JavaWebStart. If you look at, just click one of the green buttons near the bottom. The software will start on your computer and put a link into your start-menu.
    That way, whenever you start Geopublisher via the link in the menu or on your desktop, Geopublisher will check for important software updates and offers them to.