Thursday, September 24, 2009

SuperField 3, mobile GIS software: Free trial download

SuperField 3 is designed for lightweight field-workers who require basic GIS tools to proceed with the basic data collection, measurement, GPS position, and etc. in the field.

SuperField 3 provides various basic and necessary GIS tools as well as the easy, intuitive and human manipulation mode. The advantages mentioned above not only simplify the operation actions and shorten the time of being familiar with the system but also satisfy your needs. In addition, SuperField 3 with stylish interface can display numerous buttons and toolbars without possessing much map display space. Therefore, you can have an easy-to-use operation environment to significantly improve the work efficiency.

SuperField 3 also provides various GPS tools to assist you in handling the current coordinate position, and theses tools can be the base of editing and survey as well.

Due to the user-friendly operation environment and out-of-the-box tools, SuperField 3 is the most appropriate mobile GIS software for the users who do not have the demands of updating data immediately and only need basic survey tools.

Main Features
Designed to be easy to use, SuperField 3 is provided with many features for basic field-based work.

Easy-to-Use User Interface
SuperField 3 has the easy-to-use user interface, enabling users to shorten the time of being familiar with the interface to manipulate proficiently. Besides, the human interface design efficiently uses the limited screen space of mobile devices and facilitates users to switch tool buttons among the different toolbar button groups.

Out-of-the-box GIS tools
Numerous out-of-the-box GIS tools can provide you with basic GIS capabilities in the field, such as map navigation, feature editing, measurement, attribute query etc. For those who only need some basic GIS functionalist, SuperField 3, the cost-effective and practical Mobile GIS software, can totally fit the needs at work.

Various GPS Tools
As for the field-based personnel, nowadays, GPS has been one of the necessary equipments. SuperField 3 provides diversified GPS tools to be the assistance for GPS positioning, creating waypoints etc. Field-workers, therefore, are able to have current positions to provide the accurate navigation or to add new features by GPS.

Seamlessly Install into Mobile Devices Supporting .NET CF
SuperField 3 is based on SuperGIS Mobile Engine 3 so that SuperField 3 can be implemented in all of mobile devices supporting .NET CF 2.0 SP2 and higher. This advantage can effectively avoid the incompatibilities between software and hardware and increase the extensibility of operating platforms.

The Most Competitive Price
SuperField 3 will be offered at the most competitive price to the users who only demand basic tools and do not need to update the data immediately or use the advanced tools. Users can use cost-effective way to purchase the most appropriate mobile GIS software instead of the full-function software.

Download the free 30-day trial version.


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