Thursday, September 17, 2009

Reconstructing virtual model of Valley of Geysers

Space technology and satellite-based products may help reconstructing a virtual model of the Valley of Geysers – the unique scientific and tourist attraction. Multi-temporal detailed images, including GeoEye-1 (0.5 m resolution) images of the Valley territory, acquired on September 6, 2009, are to be used in modeling. ScanEx specialists armed with ScanEx Image Processor software have already developed a 3D model of the Valley of Geysers based on SPOT2 and IRS-P5 imagery.

The prospects of development and application of the model will be discussed within the frames of the International conference "Methods of neogeography and virtual environment in visualization of geo-data" (GeyserValley2009, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky).

— The Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka is the unique natural site, known worldwide. The Valley is permanently changing and such charges are sometimes irreversible. Creation of its virtual model will allow demonstrating more visibly the perspectives of application of different modern neogeography methods in the Earth sciences, including space imaging data, - says Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Assistant Professor Andrei Leonov, Chairman of «GeyserValley2009» Organizing Committee.

ScanEx General Director Vladimir Gershenzon will speak about Earth remote sensing technology innovations, service solutions and web-technologies based on satellite images.

— Information received from space has been increasingly used to resolve both day-to-day and long-range tasks, - said the expert, member of the Organizing Committee of the Conference Evgeniy Eremchenko. ScanEx RDC, being the sponsor of the GeyserValley2009 conference, has profound experience in sphere of development and introduction of technology using satellite data and this experience may and should be used to create geographic models based on a principally new method – neogeography.


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