Wednesday, September 30, 2009

GIS in tourism in 2010

The geographic information system in tourism will be put into operation by mid-2010, said Director of Business Development of Sinam company, Islam Ahmadov, told Trend Capital.

According to Ahamadov, currently the company works on data collection of tourist accommodation facilities, which will be reflected on an Azerbaijani electronic map. Virtual base, which will combine operations while working with databases, will be created with the benefits of a full-fledged visualization.

The project will be employed via the GPS (Global Position System). The entire tourist sites will be equipped with the GPS terminals that will accurately determine the coordinates and the location of tourist facilities.

The project on the geographic information system (GIS system) will allow users of search system to receive more detailed information about tourist sites via the Internet. The system will be based on a special Internet portal.

The project will be realized upon the order of the Culture and Tourism Ministry.


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