Thursday, September 03, 2009

Geomatica College of Technology uses SuperGIS Desktop

SuperGIS Desktop and several SuperGIS Desktop Extensions are selected by Geomatica College of Technology (Geomatika College) for GIS training program announced SuperGeo.

Established in 2002, Geomatika College is a famous training institute of geospatial technologies, mainly focusing on Geomatics Engineering, Remote Sensing, and Geographic Information. The Faculty of Geospatial & Land Development at Geomatika College procures SuperGIS Desktop plus several extensions, such as 3D, Network, and Spatial Analysts, as the GIS software in the training program.

Geomatika College has trained and awarded a good number of diplomas in the aforementioned fields. The students are mainly from the government, universities, and related companies. With the constant use of SuperGIS software in the institute, SuperGeo products are expected to receive greater exposure and product awareness in Malaysia market.


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