Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Venezuelan map database, enhanced

The Point Addressing and visual content products for the Venezuela map were released by NAVTEQ with several enhancements.

NAVTEQ's Point Addressing product will improve the navigation guidance experience with enhanced arrival accuracy in countries such as Venezuela where addressing does not follow a regular pattern, or in some cases where addressing is based simply on a set of building names.

In addition to the benefits enabled by Point Addressing, navigation devices including NAVTEQ's visual content can provide more intuitive guidance and orientation. When integrated into the NAVTEQ map, inclusion of NAVTEQ's 3D Landmarks and 3D City.

Both Point Addressing and visual content reflect NAVTEQ's strategy to design products that are both relevant and pragmatic. The products are geo-referenced to the NAVTEQ map enabling ease of integration into existing NAVTEQ-based applications and they maximize navigation device bandwidth opportunities.

In addition to the Venezuela map, NAVTEQ's South America coverage includes maps for Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Chile.


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