Friday, August 14, 2009

Taiwan Wildlife Survey Database

With a unique natural geographic environment, there is rich flora and fauna in Taiwan and the abundant species and high density are renowned over the world. Influenced by long geographical isolation, the proportion of endemic species has increased. Whether for academic research, resource conservation and utilization or even international tourism, the abundant animal and plant resources as well as the high ratio of endemic species are all of very high value.

For a long time, there was an insufficient basic survey and research about the native creature, which might have caused a serious effect on studying flora and fauna distribution, group volume, living pressure, rehabilitation and native ecology education of Taiwan’s endemic and rare species. As a result, to systemically build up a survey database and an effective educational guidance, a project was drawn up by the Endemic Species Research Institute Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan.

The system is expected to effectively and accurately attain the local flora and fauna data and systematically create an Internet geographic database with surveyed samples and distribution data of wild flora and fauna through back-end data processing, so that it can satisfy the need of filing management and achieve the goal of integrating wild flora and fauna data. This system can make a solid foundation for the Endemic Species Research Institute’s data storage center and can benefit the institute’s future constructions, planning and managements.

System Function Development:
・ Query species:On the species query list, a query interface is added so that users can search the map for a specific town or country where the species is distributed.
・ Enhanced photography upload:When users upload photos, the system will record the photos’ information, such as photographer and the shooting time.
・ Statistics:A statistic table of the species distribution at a specific area can be displayed.
・ Presents species diversity analysis results of the surveyed data.

Data Integration:
・ Created a data integration mechanism for field survey units to upload data. This system is used as the entrance port for querying species query and integrating the survey data collected from units to extend the contents of this database.

WebGIS Enhancement:
・ Integrate related spatial data, such as satellite images and various kinds of vector maps.
・ Integrate aerial images:The system integrates the aerial images with the WebGIS query interface for users to have an overview about the species habitat.

Educational Training:
・ Course contents:Educational training and technology transfer are aimed at assisting users to manipulate the system easily. The user manual provided by this project allows the persons in charge to be familiar with the system quickly and can be used as a system guidance.



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