Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Quickbird satellite images: Discounted price

Geoimage, a pivately owned Australian company specialising in satellite imagery, image processing and geospatial services is currently offering a discounted rate on orders placed for Quickbird satellite imagery placed before September 30th this year. The discounts are 50% off Quickbird archive imagery and Select Plus tasking and 25% off the standard Select Tasking.

Geoimage is a processor of imagery obtained via QuickBird - a high-resolution commercial earth observation satellite, owned by DigitalGlobe and launched in 2001. QuickBird uses Ball Aerospace's Global Imaging System 2000 and collects the second highest resolution commercial imagery of Earth after WorldView-1, and boasts the largest image size and the greatest on-board storage capacity of any satellite. The satellite collects panchromatic (black & white) imagery at 60-70 centimetre resolution and multispectral imagery at 2.4- and 2.8-metre resolutions.

At this resolution, detail such as buildings and other infrastructure are easily visible. The imagery can be imported into remote sensing image processing software, as well as into GIS packages for analysis.


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