Sunday, August 16, 2009

Linking two Excel files in an Equation

You have huge amount of data separated in different Excel files. You want to manipulate with the data by coming up with equations. The question is: Is it possible to link 2 or more Excel files in one equation? Yes it is. If you can link Excel sheets, you can also do it with the files.

You could do it by creating links between cells in the two files. Here is the step by step procedure on how to do it:

- Open both workbooks

- Activate the workbook you want automatically updated ie. the one that will not be edited by the operator

- Select a cell you want to link

- Type =

- Activate the other workbook

- Select the cell you want to link and hit "enter"

- You will return to the first workbook and the selected cell will contain the reference e.g. =[FirstBook.xls]Sheet1!$A$11

- Repeat for each cell you want to link

- If you want to, you could include references in formulae, say if you wanted half the value, you would do as above then add /2 to get =[FirstBook.xls]Sheet1!$A$11/2
or maybe multiply the vales of two cells e.g.

=[FirstBook.xls]Sheet1!$A$11* =[FirstBook.xls]Sheet1!$B$42


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