Tuesday, August 25, 2009

High-resolution Digital Elevation Models, available online

Searching for oil, planting crops, and tracking environmental changes on earth should be much less costly and complex following today's announcement by Harris Corporation. The company's very high-resolution, global Digital Elevation Models are - for the first time - available to commercial users online via the MapMart web portal. The models are generated using a variety of geospatial imagery that is merged and enhanced using an automated, proprietary process developed by Harris, an international communications and information technology company.

"MapMart customers around the world have been eager to get access to 1-meter-spacing Digital Surface Models and 5-meter-spacing (manually edited) bare earth Digital Terrain Models. Partnering with Harris helps us deliver on our commitment to satisfy the growing needs of mapping professionals when they visit our website," said Mike Platt, president of MapMart. These very accurate, high-quality Digital Elevation Models, or DEMs, provide a foundation for three-dimensional modeling of large geographic areas and have the level of detail needed to identify roadways, rivers, buildings and numerous other features. Companies can use the models to significantly reduce the time and cost associated with dispatching crews to perform early manual surveys of geographic areas or features.

In addition, DEMs are not confined to locations that only can be reached by aircraft, a limitation of traditional models that utilize laser-based Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology. Harris processing tools include algorithms for quality control, as well as for interpolating and filling voids where data is not available or the imagery is obstructed.

"These models provide the most accurate data available for use in civil applications such as large infrastructure construction, planning associated with installing cell towers and repeaters, identifying areas that have the potential for flooding - virtually anywhere on the globe that someone has to understand details of the terrain," said Sheldon Fox, president, Harris National Intelligence Programs.

The MapMart division of IntraSearch offers an advanced e-commerce site, enabling users to search and purchase image, elevation, street, and demographic data as well as other geospatial products. MapMart has distribution arrangements for 11 domestic and international commercial satellites. IntraSearch, a Colorado-based corporation since 1951, is a fully integrated professional mapping service and product distribution company with three primary business lines: IntraSearch Mapping, MapMart(R), and SportsMapping(TM).

Harris National Intelligence Programs business is a major developer, supplier and integrator of communications and information processing products, systems, and networks for a diverse base of Intelligence Community programs. Harris supports the ongoing transformation of the Intelligence Community into a more collaborative enterprise.

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