Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Australia aerial images online

Fugro released a new on-line aerial image service for professional business users such as surveyors, engineers, architects, planners and developers.

Through this service, high resolution imagery of selected areas of Australia can be viewed and purchased via the website and downloaded as a jpeg or ecw file to the desktop.

Images covering areas from 100m x 100m on the ground are being offered from as little as AUD$5 and are ideal for views of small sites. Larger image sizes are available up to 5km x 5km and are ready for download with same day delivery.

The Fugro World Portal service is able to provide aerial imagery by area, on-demand with payment and delivery online. The system includes enhanced features such as an advanced search facility to allow website visitors to quickly find an area through a street name or location coordinate.

Aerial images reveal much more information about an area than a map. The images, viewed on-screen or printed at any size in colour, greatly enhance presentations and allow more informed decisions to be made without needing to visit the site.

The aerial imagery can be loaded directly into electronic mapping systems and GIS. The high-resolution aerial images are ortho-rectified to enable customers to display added features like street names and mapped boundaries on-screen over the aerial imagery background.


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