Tuesday, July 14, 2009

WorldView-2 Free Webinar

WorldView-2, scheduled to launch on October 6th, 2009, will be the first 8-band multispectral commercial satellite available today! With a mission life of 7.25 years, and operating at an altitude of 770 km, the WorldView-2 system is expected to bring unsurpassed agility, capacity, accuracy and spectral diversity to commercial earth imaging.

Join this Free Webinar to hear Dr. Kumar Navulur, DigitalGlobe's Principle Scientist, as he discusses how the new spectral bands will improve remote sensing applications such as better feature identification and classification, improved bathymetry, better change detection and more.

In Free Webinar You Will:

* See how the four additional spectral bands (coastal blue, yellow edge, red edge, and near infrared 2) enable broader ranges of classifications, enhanced vegetation and coastal analysis, the extraction of more features and the identification and tracking of coastal changes and infractions.

* Discover how the new red edge (the first in the commercial industry) and yellow edge spectral bands deliver more granular field classifications, improve the understanding of vegetation analysis (health, age, type, species) and provide early warning capabilities to industries that interact with, and depend on, the environment such as pipeline monitoring, environmental mapping and precision agriculture applications.
* Learn how the new coastal blue spectral band will enhance bathymetry studies for sea floors, coastal plains and waterways, discriminate features of the shallow ocean floor more accurately and increase the scope of coastal remote sensing applications--improving the safety of marine navigation and providing much needed insight into the ever changing marine environment.
* Discover how the WorldView-2 based portals and navigation devices will see the world in the truest natural state--bringing better definition and clarity to the user's visual reality, and allow mapping experts to use those bands to pinpoint more points of interest and create more diverse, interesting navigation applications.

Who Should Attend?
Key decision makers within enterprise, oil and gas, telecom, portals, location based services and government agencies.

WorldView-2 Free Webinar Details
Date: Wednesday, July 29
Time: 11:00am or 7:00pm MDT
Duration: 45 Minutes
Presenters: Dr. Kumar Navulur, Principle Scientist, DigitalGlobe

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