Thursday, July 02, 2009

Science projects get free satellite images

DMCii has announced the selection of 5 science projects that will receive free satellite imagery from the DMC satellite constellation.

The winning projects cover a wide range of important topics: from monitoring changes in the Greenland Ice Sheet and the UK wetlands and forests, to pioneering new techniques for integrating satellite Earth observations with computer models to improve measurements of how the Earth's vegetation 'breathes' carbon dioxide.

In December 2008, scientists were invited to compete for the opportunity to use the DMC multi-spectral satellite image data in their research projects.

Applications were judged on their contribution to international environmental research by a panel of scientists chaired by Professor Alan O'Neill from the UK's National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO), Dr Arwyn Davies, Head of Earth Observation at the British National Space Centre (BSNC), Dr Paul Aplin (Chairman of RSPSoc and Associate Professor Nottingham University), Dr Steve Mackin, Chief Scientist DMCii and David Hodgson, Managing Director DMCii.

The free satellite data will be provided by next generation DMC satellite UK-DMC2 which is scheduled for launch in July 2009.


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