Monday, July 06, 2009

List of Vegetation Water Content Indices

I have been working on Vegetation Water Content (VWC) Indices for quite sometime now. In my readings, I found quite a number of them: WI = Water Index; NDWI = Normalized Difference Water Index; EWT = Equivalent Water Thickness; WT = Water Thickness; MSI = Moisture Stress Index; NDII = Normalized Difference Infrared Index; PWI = Plant Water Index; SRWI = Simple Ratio Water Index; SR = Simple Ratio; NDVI = Normalized Difference Vegetation Index; CSI = Canopy Structure Index; GVMI = Global Vegetation Moisture Index; RDI = Relative Depth Index; LWCI = Leaf Water Content Index.

Below you will find the details of the equations, meanings and applications. I came up with a table on spectral indices that have been derived and used for estimation of vegetation water content (VWC) based on ratio, or simple mathematical formula of reflectance of two or more wavelengths.

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