Tuesday, July 07, 2009

GPSDifferential for ESRI ArcPad 8

Magellan Professional is introducing GPS Differential for ESRI ArcPad 8, a post-processing software extension for the MobileMapper 6 with ArcPad 8 mapping application. The GPSDifferential for ArcPad 8 enables the MobileMapper 6 GIS/GPS handheld receiver users to achieve outstanding sub-meter accuracy for GIS data collection and mapping at low cost.

GPSDifferential for ArcPad 8 software extension automatically logs the raw data that is required for reliable sub-meter post-processed differential corrections, even where real-time corrections are not available. The raw data file stored by this software extension can be post-processed using MobileMapper 6 Office, which is included in the GPSDifferential for ArcPad 8 offer. Post-processed data is exported with attributes in shapefile standard format.

Mobile Mapper 6, a state-of-the-art rugged GPS device providing sub-meter post-processed accuracy for GIS data collection and mapping, has a unique position and performance in the market. MobileMapper 6 is particularly appealing to forestry and other natural resource organisations, oil and gas, agriculture, utilities, government agencies, and businesses large and small that need a highly-rugged, easy-to-use mobile GIS device at low cost, but which can also deliver sub-meter accuracy.


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