Friday, July 17, 2009

Google Maps: Android SDK

Google Maps are now available in the Android SDK with a fairly nice user experience. Implementing a map with overlays is reasonably simple for skilled developers.

Not all Android devices will have Google Maps integrated in. That is a component one must license from Google; it is not part of the open source Android project. Hence, smaller device manufacturers, or those perhaps trying to reduce licensing or silicon costs, may skip Google Maps. As a result, your application will not be installable on those devices.

Also, Google Maps has a terms of service for developers using the API, and those terms of service may contain clauses with which you are uncomfortable. For example, clause 8.7 restricts your use of Google Maps, barring many logical uses of the technology, such as real-time navigation or fleet management. This is not necessarily Google's fault, as they license much of the Google Maps data from other firms, and those firms impose their own usage restrictions.

Download Android 1.5 SDK, Release 3.


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