Wednesday, July 08, 2009

GeoExt 0.5 software, released

The GeoExt community released the GeoExt 0.5, the first GeoExt version.

GeoExt brings together the geospatial power of OpenLayers with the user interface savvy of Ext JS to help, build powerful desktop style GIS applications on the web with JavaScript.

GeoExt 0.5 comes with a fine selection of widgets and data access components for rich web-based geospatial applications.

Some of the highlights include:
- MapPanel for seamless integration of OpenLayers maps in Ext JS applications
- LegendPanel to display legends for WMS layers
- LayerNodes and LayerContainers to create customized layer switchers in Ext trees
- Popups as anchored Ext windows
- Ext data components for convenient handling of OpenLayers data structures like layers
and vector features


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