Monday, July 13, 2009

etrace 7.1 software released

Gearworks released the etrace 7.1, an enhanced version of its powerful wireless and Web-based mobile workforce management solution that enables enterprises to supervise and optimize their personnel and activities in the field as easily as they do in the office.

etrace taps the GPS capabilities of wireless mobile devices to provide organizations full visibility of its workers in the field. By delivering real-time supervision and coordination, enterprises can integrate multiple aspects of their business, enhance efficiencies, and improve overall productivity. The enhanced etrace 7.1 raises the bar with several new features, enabling organisations and mobile workers with greater flexibility, accessibility and ease of use.

etrace 7.1 includes the following new features:

-Editable Timecards — Time sheet mistakes made in the field are now quick and easy to fix through the Web portal. Administrators can correct the date and time of worker shifts/breaks and end open shifts/breaks. To ensure accuracy, the administrator can also view a complete history of edits made to worker time sheets.

-At-a-Glance Report — Now, keeping track of key business indicators is as easy as reading an email. The daily report is sent via email to supervisors, summarising key business metrics for payroll, travel, jobs completed and policy violations.


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