Monday, July 06, 2009

Download high resolution images of UK from Bluesky

Bluesky's aerial survey aircraft made the most of the blue skies over the UK to capture 12,000 sqkm of high resolution imagery of Britain's cities and countryside. Bluesky’s ambitious flying programme includes a five-year update programme for the GeoPerspectives national archive as well as ultra high resolution surveys of cities across the country.

Urban areas captured during May and June include Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Burnley, Blackburn and Milton Keynes together with county coverage of Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, most of Surrey and the remaining areas of South and West and Yorkshire.

Bluesky use the latest digital imaging technology to capture aerial photography at ultra high resolution. All the areas flown to date will be produced as 10cm or 12.5cm resolution, digital, map accurate datasets and will be used to update the GeoPerspectives (a joint venture between Bluesky and Infoterra) national archive of orthorectified aerial photography.

The aerial datasets will, in due course be available online at where visitors to the site can search, view and download digital image files. The Bluesky imagery will also be used to produce digital terrain and surface models (DTM/DSM) for 3D modelling and complemented with colour infrared imagery (CIR), simultaneously captured, for vegetation analysis.

Bluesky is a UK-based specialist in aerial imaging and remote sensing data collection and processing. An internationally recognized leader with projects extending around the globe, Bluesky is proud to work with prestigious organizations such as Google, the BBC and Government Agencies.

Bluesky has unrivaled expertise in the creation of seamless digital aerial photography, 3D landscape/cityscape visualizations and prints and also runs a national mapping center, providing digital mapping, satellite imagery and aerial photography including ultra-high resolution imagery of cities and towns.


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