Thursday, June 25, 2009

‘Our School’ Classroom Pack, released

Spatialnews reports that the "Our School" mapping classroom pack has been released!

Wildgoose, the education division of aerial mapping company Bluesky International, has launched "Our School" Classroom Pack. Combining up-to-date, site centred aerial photography with both modern and historic mapping, the pack includes multiple copies of each image for individual studies plus display items to stimulate group discussions. The "Our School" Classroom Pack can be centered on any location in England and Wales plus selected areas in Scotland, and is available to purchase online at

The Our School Classroom Pack contains 15 laminated aerial prints, 15 laminated Ordnance Survey maps, 15 laminated 19th century maps and 15 laminated 20th century maps, for desktop studies. The pack also contains a foam backed Aeroimage playmat, a CD containing digital copies of the aerial images and maps for use of interactive whiteboards, laminated titles and key words for display, and a Teachers Pack with accompanying notes, activity suggestions, learning objective and key vocabulary.


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