Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New SDI application software from Intergraph

Intergraph introduced a new spatial data infrastructure (SDI) application software to ensure harmonized geospatial data exchange within the enterprise and between government, businesses and the public for improved communication, collaboration, productivity, ease of maintenance and reduced costs.

Intergraph's SDI application now includes the GeoMedia SDI Pro product, which provides advanced Web services for implementing spatial data infrastructures and enables organizations to meet government data collaboration and compliance mandates.

Intergraph's SDI application also includes GeoMedia Fusion, Intergraph's existing esktop data harmonization product, for facilitating compliance with INSPIRE and other government directives that ease geospatial data sharing. Future Intergraph SDI application components will include the GeoMedia SDI Portal, which will provide the building blocks for empowering existing browser applications with SDI technology.

With GeoMedia SDI Pro, organisations can now seamlessly share this harmonised data with internal and external audiences in the most ideal formats.

Intergraph GeoMedia SDI Pro will be available in July 2009.


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