Friday, June 05, 2009

ArcGIS Business Analyst Online 9.3

The next-generation release of ArcGIS Business Analyst Online, ESRI's popular hosted GIS, provides a rich and intuitive Web 2.0 experience for customer segmentation, market analytics, and site evaluation. The new version takes full advantage of the latest Web technology and has been designed to allow users to start analyzing data and performing investigation without any software training.

ArcGIS Business Analyst Online provides reports and maps to help organizations understand the lifestyle and buying behaviours of the households in their market as well as answer questions such as, Where are the optimal sites for new store locations? How do I effectively market to specific customer segments? and How do I profile my best customers and find more like them?

ArcGIS Business Analyst Online 9.3 doesn’t require any programming and users can start solving their business problems immediately. It was developed with a Flex-based application interface and streamlined business logic that meets the needs of both new and existing users. Existing users can still perform the sophisticating analysis they've always done, while newer users can make use of the intuitive interface that makes the most popular analytic operations easy to perform.

ArcGIS Business Analyst Online is available in different subscription levels, from onetime-only reports purchased using a credit card to premium subscription packages and specialized development services.


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